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Gifts For Tea Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for tea lovers in your life is easy with Cup of Té. In addition to curating the finest loose leaf teas available, we also carry all the accessories any tea lover would need to enjoy their tea time experience.

Here are a few of our favorite gifts for tea lovers that are sure to impress your tea-loving friend, client, or loved one.

Cup of Te Starter Pack

Gifts for tea lovers

Our starter pack is the perfect gift for tea lovers who are just starting out on their tea journey. The gift set includes our Sleek Tea Infuser for the perfect brew every single time, the Luxe Tin to store your loose leaf tea, the Luxe Spoon to elevate your tea making experience, and 2 100g Teas of your choice because the tea lover in your life shouldn’t have to choose just one!

Premium Loose Leaf Teas

Gifts for tea lovers -organic teas

Tea lovers know the loose leaf tea experience is unlike any other. With loose-leaf teas, the hot water is able to infuse every inch of a premium whole leaf tea. The result is a fresher, fuller flavor that you just can’t get with a teabag. And we’re all about freshness and flavor.

Choose from flowery, fruity, citrus, or more traditional green tea flavors, we’ve got you covered with an extensive variety of organic loose leaf teas.


Iron Cast Teapot Set

 Gifts for tea lovers

Our luxurious iron cast iron loose leaf teapot is forged out of premium cast iron metal and engraved with Chinese filigree. The teapot with matching coaster tray and two teacups with saucers are a great way to introduce traditional elegance into any tea lover’s space.

The high-end infuser that hangs in the top of the pot under a matching lid makes it the perfect pot for steeping your favorite blend. With two color options available - red and gold - you can choose the look that’s perfect for your tea lover.


Luxe Mug Bundle

Gifts for tea lovers - Luxe Mug

The Luxe Mug Bundle is another great gift for tea lovers. It features our flagship ceramic Luxe Mug with our Cup of Té logo printed in gold as well as our rust-proof stainless steel infuser made with an ultra-fine mesh for a smooth, grit-free cup of tea. Two broad arms extend off the sides to hold the infuser in place over the top of the sleek Cup of Té tea mug.



Gold tea infusers

As any loose leaf tea enthusiast and they will tell you a key part of the perfect cup of tea is a good infuser. All our infusers are made from an ultra-fine mesh to ensure a smooth enjoyable tea and feature a stylish lid doubles as a coaster. Choose from three options - Stainless Steel Infuser, Gold Infuser, and our  Majestic Rainbow Infuser.

Whether it’s a milestone like a birthday or an anniversary, or you simply want to say thank you or I appreciate you, you can always count on us for the perfect gift for the tea lovers in your life.

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