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Our Latest Blend 'Purple Butterfly'

The wellness and anti-aging tea your body has been craving! We at Cup of Té understand that not all teas are created equal, and that goes extra for our propriety Organic Herbal Tea blend Purple Butterly.
This tea is loaded with antioxidants thanks to the Organic Butterfly Fly Tea Flowers that steep a gorgeous blue on its own, but with Organic King Tut Lemonade steeps a rich purple that is its namesake. For your next party trick add lemon juice to lighten and change this magical teas colors to your desire!

Ingredients: Organic Butterfly Pea Flower, King Tut Lemonade

Caffeine Free 

Enjoy this delicious blend over ice or as a refreshing hot cup of tea to enhance your day!
Try it today and find out why people cannot get enough!
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