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Taylor Lindsay-Noel is Proving That You Can Reinvent Yourself with Her Luxury Loose Leaf Tea Brand

If anyone had asked Taylor Lindsay-Noel back at the beginning of 2008 what she wanted to do, teas would not have come up in the conversation. Yet, 12 years later she is now the proud founder and owner of Toronto’s black-owned Cup of Té.

Cup of Té is a luxury loose leaf tea company that supplies its customers with premium blends of tea and tea accessories. It’s tea for the discerning tea lover.

And while Talyor has always loved teas, what she could not have predicted was that this passion for tea would eventually become the source of her business.

The Accident

But let’s backtrack to 2008. As an avid gymnast, 14-year-old Taylor was poised to represent Canada in the 2012 London Olympics. Gymnastics was her first love, her passion, and her reason for being. Then an accident in July of 2008 changed everything. In a training session, Taylor suffered a mishap that paralyzed her from the neck down, crushing all hopes that she had of representing her country doing what she loved most.

While this could have signaled the end of hoping and dreaming, with the help and support of an army of friends, therapists and loved ones, Taylor embraced her new normal and found solace in her long time passion - loose leaf teas.

Tea Time with Tay

In 2016 Taylor launched her podcast Tea Time with Tay to share space with special guests, brew some tea, then spill it. It was a way for her to share snippets of her life while letting others into her world. The podcast was a hit, which gave rise to another idea. The idea was for the Cup of Té shop.

As a long time fan of tea, Taylor knew intimately the power of tea to improve moods and start meaningful conversations. Growing up, tea was a source of comfort for her and she wanted to share that with the world through Cup of Té.

More than just great teas

While Cup of Té is known for its premium loose leaf teas, the Black-owned business does more than just curate and sell great teas. Under Taylor’s guidance, the company supports mental health causes and initiatives. 

Having suffered unimaginable loss and overcome major challenges in her own life Taylor seeks to empower and encourage others every chance she gets. Her company Cup of Té is only part of her bigger aspirations as she is also an avid writer, motivational speaker, and disability advocate. Her passion, commitment, and tenacity are proof that life is what we make of it.

Support Cup of Té and indulge in premium loose leaf teas.

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