Peach Please - Cup of Té
Peach Please - Cup of Té
Peach Please (Organic)

Peach Please (Organic)

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The peach tea your taste buds have been craving! One whiff of ‘Peach Please’ will have you running to your kettle to steep a cup. This organic white tea blend delivers all of the peach flavors you could ever want while infused with organic marigolds that round out to a perfect sip every time! This juicy tea is delicious and a treat whether you have it hot or iced. Who wouldn’t want this versatile blend? 

Ingredients: Organic White Tea, Organic Marigolds, Natural Flavor

Medium Caffeine

(Approx 40 cups of tea per 100g)

Certified Organic & Natural

Brewing Temperature: 185°F/90°C

Brewing Time: 1-3 minutes

*manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts


Customer Reviews

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Good value, great taste- packaging better when in a box

I've bought this tea for several years now and like the peach flavour with the white tea. I do find that the last packaging in a mailing envelope the leaves got crushed and that does affect the flavour somewhat. Before the last order, most of my double bags came in a box. Now to save money it's put in an envelope and it really isn't the same even if I've been told the taste doesn't matter. With a high end tea price, I think packaging does matter and makes for a more wholesome cup of tea. Otherwise, I would not be so picky and buy my tea from a cheaper place.

Joe Galaburda

Not for me ...too much peach taste for me

Andrea W
Authentic peach flavour

I absolutely adore this tea. It is so comforting as a hot tea -- like peach pie. All it needs is a dollop of honey. As a cold tea it is refreshing and I've started adding bubble tea-type mixings with it: fresh mango, coconut jelly and some lemon juice. It's AMAZING! My kids love it and it's healthier than pricey bubble tea take out.

Vie C
Peachy keen

Very nice peachy tea. The flavour is strong but not overwhelming. I can't wait to try it iced.

Judy Czirjak
Try it iced !

The scent of this tea just takes you back to a warm summer day. This is definitely a favourite tea for me. The tea is just lovely chilled :)

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